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Dukascopy: Interbank forex broker provides marketplace and highest liquidity for online forex trading.

USD = US Dollar, EUR = Euro
GBP = Great Britain Pound, CHF = Swiss Franc, CAD = Canadian Dollar
JPY = Japanese Yen, AUD = Australian Dollar, NZD = New Zealand Dollar, SGD = Singapore Dollar
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Forex spot and futures market

The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with daily turnover over US$3 trillion. The forex market (or currency/FX) lets banks and other institutions easily trade currencies, featuring large trading volumes, liquidity, geographic dispersion, long trading hours (24 hours except weekends), and use of leverage. Forex futures contracts are also actively traded. The US dollar is involved in 86.3% of transactions, the euro 37.0%, yen 17%, and sterling pound 15%. Volume percentages add up to 200% as each transaction involves two currencies.

Main Page | Oil | Gold | Silver

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